Combines and coordinates multiple models of Artificial Intelligence

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Create customizable virtual identities that can engage in any situation like real humans with unique biography, styles, and skills.

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Synapsia's mission is to create value in every business situation by applying the most advanced form of artificial intelligence to natural language interactions.

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Synapsia's platform consists of a cognitive hub, called The Maestro AI, which combines and coordinates multiple models of Artificial Intelligence. The technology is based on sophisticated models of Natural Language Understanding, classification and Knowledge Builder.

It also uses Machine Learning algorithms for Data Intelligence and profiling purposes through a cognitive approach that ultimately produces additional and better-quality data.

Any business can benefit from our technology.

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Conversational characters

Pre-designed virtual characters can be built into the conversational layer where interacts with the users. Every conversational character will assume a unique identity, easily recognizable by the mood, the style of expression, and the knowledge base upon which it is built. Not only will this feature attribute each conversational character a distinctive personality, but it will also present itself as a potential business opportunity by turning them into NFTs.

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Augmented Machine Learning

Due to the combined implementation of traditional custom machine learning models and proprietary algorithms, our solution generates an increased level of value from data implemented at any step of the process or interaction phase. Our simplified training tools can be used by operators without any IT expertise.

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Synpasia's technology has allowed us to build platforms for the creation of virtual identities, data intelligence, and cutting-edge web environments.

Virtual Identity Engineering

Uego is a platform to build distinct Ego-IDs, which are virtual identities with unique personality traits, skill sets, and communication styles.

Our Ego-IDs can animate avatars or virtual identities within a metaverse, on a website, or in an app for a wide range of purposes including gaming, communication, profiling, customer support, and marketing.

Anyone can make their own digital twin and use it in any kind of digital environment thanks to Uego.

Our Ego-IDs can talk about any topic, broad or specific, and actively direct the conversation to an intended purpose, such as profiling and data gathering.

Synapsia's technology provides digital solutions with an augmented, immersive experience that will lead to a so far unexplored dimension consisting of 'real' identities serving the new virtual frontiers.

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Data intelligence is a system for the extraction of semantic triples from audio, video, text, and dialogue. By using semantic triples, the "knowledge" can be represented and stored in a way that semantic algorithms can easily access.

Synapsia can provide distinctive real-time Data Intelligence services compatible with video, audio/video conferencing, dialogue, and text formats thanks to the application of our sophisticated AI models.

Additionally, our AI can perform intelligent search, Active Visualization, and provide text summarizer services for all file types, CRM and ERP Systems, Calendars, and emails.

Spatial-web is an AI-based, three-dimensional web space allowing users to chat in natural language.

Spatial-web will feature an avatar that will engage users and direct the flow of the conversation to cause desired actions.

In line with the advancement of the web/Internet, Spatial-web modernizes and simplifies the idea of a website as we know it while also transforming into a "micro metaverse" that welcomes users into an entirely new dimension.

Spatial-web will be an innovative website accessible through a conventional URL (for example, It can be set up to work in a new web environment or be incorporated into an already existing website.

Spatial Web
Build your own space.

Once you enter Spatial-web you will be able to navigate within a business, store, construction site, museum, real estate agency, etc. You will converse with an avatar powered by Artificial Intelligence, just as you might do with a salesperson, guide or a real estate agent in real life.

Instead of browsing site contents using classic menus, you will navigate the website conversing with the avatar.

The avatar will answer your questions not only about the business, but also about products/services. Spatial-web can be connected to an e-commerce website to sell products or services by performing searches based on the integrated intelligence search system.

Spatial Web


Thanks to the special approach that upgrades conventional NLP, the conversational interaction between users and AI goes beyond preset communicative patterns and advances towards the possibility of simulating a completely realistic dialogue between humans. This is made reality through the AI conversational architecture that understands concepts expressed by the human interlocutor. The AI then delivers the most relevant output, always in the form of dialogue.

The interaction between the users and AI is not just random or playful, but a very purposeful interaction directed towards a goal, based on the user's needs and the company's guidelines. Some examples may include:

  • lead generation to increase engagement, conversion rates and customer loyalty
  • proactive customer care and support provided by the company or by customers’ request
  • in the gaming field, promotion of a service/product that may or may not refer to the videogame itself, with the possibility of purchasing it directly through the platform

Synapsia provides a sensorial layer integrated or added to the metaverse in order to encourage interaction with the users. This enhances the dialogue during the overall experience.

Our solution introduces the feature of the Advisor in the metaverse. The Advisor is a customizable avatar guided by AI. Its purpose is to chat with the users about random topics, as well as promoting or selling a product on behalf of the brand/partner. Among other things, the Advisor is able to:

  • proactively engage the users
  • answer to the user queries while leading conversations about random and/or targeted topics
  • manage conversations aimed at promoting and selling products or services. The marketing can concern either virtual products to be used within the metaverse (e.g. digital skins created by fashion brands) and products to be used in the physical world.
  • be integrated into an e-commerce site (virtual or physical) and assist the users during the entire purchasing process until check-out.
  • suggest offers and promotions
  • manage orders and reservations
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Furthermore, it will be possible to customize the personality and adjust the style of speech of the Advisor in order to meet the brand/partner needs as well as the preferences of the users. This feature will enable you to turn Advisors with distinctive and recognizable styles of communication into marketable NFTs.


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